Oakvale Raid

The Oakvale raid is an event that occurred right at the beginning of Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters.

[edit] Plot

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After Theresa recieves her present from Hero, Bandits enter Oakvale from Barrow Fields while Theresa and Hero hide. When the first wave of Bandits left the area Hero was in, he left his hiding place to go to his house. On his way, he sees that a majority of Oakvale had gone up in flames because of the raid. At his house, he was found by Maze, where he was taken to the Heroes Guild, where he later learnt that his family died.

Later in the game, Hero discovers that Maze, was in fact part of the raid, but saved Hero, knowing that he may be the only chance of defeating Jack of Blades, who had organised the raid.

[edit] Aftermath

When Hero visits Oakvale after growing up, Oakvale had changed. There's a new area that leads to a cemetary where the bodies victims of the raid are laid.

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