Orchard Farm Escort

Orchard Farm Escort is a minor Quest in Fable in which the Hero must protect a trader from Lookout Point to Orchard Farm while defeating Bandits and other sorts of enemies. After accepting the mission, the player does not have to start immediately by telling him to follow. He can go to Bowerstone South to pick up any supplies and return to continue the mission.

[edit] Walkthrough

Walk up to the trader for the mission and accept to help him out. He will give an advance of money before starting. For the rest of the reward, get him to Orchard Farm in one piece. Use the 'Follow' expression for him to follow you. At the Greatwood Entrance, tell him to 'Wait' and kill any nearby bandits. Tell him to follow and wait a little further up to kill more bandits. Continue going until both the Hero and Trader have made it to the door connecting Greatwood entrance to Orchard Farm. Go inside. There are 2 possible outcomes. If the trader was not attacked at all, he will give an extra bonus to the Hero for keeping him clear of injuries. If he is too badly injured, he will get angry at the Hero and run to his house withjout paying the rest of the money.

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