Picnic Area


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Picnic Area
Fable: The Lost Chapters
EastLookout Point
First Seen inWasp Menace

[edit] Geography

The area is small and mostly grassy. From the entrance, going to the left, the path leads to a large circular area with various tables where people have picnics.

[edit] Plot

Plot-wise, the Picnic Area plays a minor role in the Fable series, only being used in the quest Wasp Menace when the Hero was called to exterminate wasps which had taken over the area, as well as the Wasp Queen.

[edit] Notes

  • When going to the Picnic area, various signs pointing to that location read as Bowerstone Picnic Area, hinting that Lookout Point and possibly The Heroes Guild are located in the Bowerstone Region.

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