SucceedsA Perfect World
EnemiesLucien Fairfax

Retribution is the last quest in Fable 2.

[edit] Walkthrough

From the beginning of the quest, walk forward into the light at the top of the stairs. Inside, Lucien is draining the power from the other Heroes. Lucien's attention is brought to Sparrow and he attempts to make him/her sleep, failing. Sparrow can then hold out the Music Box to stop Lucien. To do so, hold A Button.png. Continue holding A until a bright light fills the screen. Next, Lucien is completely powerless and he'd try to convince Hero to not kill him. If Hero waits too long, Reaver will shoot and kill him instead. Once Lucien falls off the balcony and into the chasm below, Theresa appears and allows Hero to pick one of three outcomes: Have his/her family come back alive, including the dog and Rose sending a letter, get all of the innocent people who died during the construction or in The Spire to come back to life, or get lots of Gold.

[edit] See Also

The Egomaniac - Achievement if the player picks 'The needs of the one'.
The Family - Achievement if the player picks 'The Needs of the few'.
The Sacrifice - Achievement if the player picks 'The Needs of the Many'.

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