Return to Hook Coast

Return to Hook Coast
LocationHook Coast
EnemiesScreamers, Maze

Return to Hook Coast is the third-last quest in the original Fable.

[edit] Plot

Hero has to try and take out a barrier between himself and his destination, so he asks the Guild Master for help. At the barrier in Hook Coast, Guild Master takes out the barrier through the Guild Seal, leaving Hero with more than he wanted. He finds Maze, who had captured Hero's sister, saying an incantation. He is interrupted by Hero and starts fighting with him. Meanwhile, Theresa disappears. Maze is under the belief that Jack of Blades would be unstoppable, so instead of stopping him, would join him. A lengthy battle ensures between Hero and Maze, and Hero chases Maze to the Hook Coast Lighthouse. After further fighting, Maze teleports to the front of the Lighthouse, where he is defeated and dies due to injuries. In his last breath, he states that Hero may be strong enough to defeat Jack after all. Afterwards, Hero cannot leave The Heroes Guild as he must try to stop Jack of Blades and afterwards defeat him.

[edit] Walkthrough

Go to the barrier. Guild Master will say an incantation through the Guild Seal and the barrier will disappear. A cutscene will start and when it finishes, the battle starts. Keep away from Maze when he puts up his Will shield as he will use enflame and take away a lot of Hero's health. After fighting and taking away 1 fourth of Maze's health, he will teleport to an area out of the graveyard and start shooting a hobbe like substance at Hero. Take out the bow and arrow, hold down attack then shoot. Don't get close to Maze or he will start blocking the arrows, one of the easiest ways to defeat him. After causing more damage, Maze disappears to the top of Hook Coast lighthouse. This time, Hero cannot use an arrow. Break down the door to the lighthouse and enter. At the top, start using all types of Will attacks to take awaymore of Maze's health and he will disapper again. He will reappear in front of the lighthouse in the snow. Again, when near the entrance of the lighthouse, shoot him with the bow and arrow and dodge him. It should take away the rest of his life and the quest is over.

[edit] Exploit

In the lighthouse, Hero can get a silver key. To get infinite, Hero save and start again. An infinite amount of keys will keep reproducing and Hero can keep them all to open chests more easily.

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