The Bandit

The Bandit
Bandit Leader Thag
PrecedesThe Journey Begins
SucceedsBirth of a Hero

[edit] Walkthrough

The Bandit is a short quest which introduces the enemies Bandits to Fable II. On his/her way to Bowerstone Market, Sparrow is stopped by a barricade of Guards, who weren't going to leave until Thag the Impatient and his group of Bandits left a nearby area.
In the Bandit camp, a few waves of Bandits appear before Hero, and Hero has to kill them all. Afterwards, Thag appears as a boss battle, but is fairly simple. After defeating Thag, the barricade disappears and Hero can continue on his/her way to the Markets. Also when Thag is defeated, The New Hero is unlocked.

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