The Birth of a Hero

The Birth of a Hero
PrecedesThe Bandit

[edit] Overview

Theresa instructs Sparrow to visit the Guild Cave.

[edit] Plot

Theresa wants Sparrow to go to the Guild Caves to start training to become a Hero. Out near Bower Lake is a door to reach the caves. Hero must use the Bower Lake Tomb Seal to open the door to enter the Guild Cave. Inside, the Dog gets scared. After following the caves for a while, Sparrow finally reaches the Chamber of Fate where he/she learns how to be a hero. Afterwards, a Cullis Gate opens up, allowing Sparrow to get back to Bower Lake. Where Sparrow lands, there are several creatures to practice the Will on.

Afterwards, Theresa wants to meet Sparrow at the clock tower in Bowerstone Market, but there are some certain bandits that need to be taken care of.

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