The Graveyard Path

The Graveyard Path is a gold quest for Fable.

[edit] Walkthrough

After arriving in Lychfield Cemetary, Hero finds the hut where the Gravekeeper and a friend are discussing hiding all of Nostro's belongings. The only one that isn't hidden is the helmet. After collecting the helmet, Hero has to travel across the Cemetary itself, sprawling with the Undead. When Hero meets Nostro, he tells Hero to gather all of his belongings. One must be dug up, another fished out of the river and the last must be uncovered in a tomb. To make finding them easier, they are represented by green dots on the map.
Once all the items are collected, the Demon Door opens, allowing Hero to get into the next area. In there, he must travel across a path where more Undead come up from the ground. In the area after that, the Circle of the Dead, two waves of Undead must be taken out to unlock the doors to Bargate Prison.

[edit] Reward

1500 Gold

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