The Hero of Oakvale (book)

For the article on the actual hero of Oakvale, see Hero.

The Hero of Oakvale (book)
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The Hero of Oakvale (book)
TypeBooks & Documents
Base Value80
Star Level2/5

"This is one of the many books written about the Hero of Oakvale, who defeated the dreaded Jack of Blades. Though there are many conflicting reports regarding the Hero's life and his feats, all accounts agree that he wielded the legendary Sword of Aeons against Jack, and slew him twice: once in Jack's human state, and again in the form of a dragon.
Among his many other accomplishments are his victory in the Witchwood Arena, the slaying of the White Balverine, and the freeing of the Prophets of the Fireheart.
Though any official records of his possible offspring would have been destroyed in the civilian attack on The Heroes Guild, it is believed that his bloodline continued, and that one day a new Hero will emerge to save Albion in its time of need.."

In game item description..

The book can be acquired from the 'Fiction Burns' bookstore in Bowerstone Market.

[edit] Notes

This book conflicts with the continuity because if Hero did wield the Sword of Aeons, the Fable 2 character Theresa, who is also The Hero's sister, would be dead.
The player may not have completed some of the quests written above if he/she played only Fable.

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