The Prophets of the Fire Heart

The Prophets of the Fire Heart
GameFable: The Lost Chapters
TypeGold Quest
SucceedingBattle Jack of Blades
PrecedingThe Ship of the Drowned

The Prophets of the Fire Heart is a Fable: The Lost Chapters exclusive quest.

[edit] Story

The Hero of Oakvale had defeated Jack, but now, about a year later, trouble was occurring in The Northern Wastes. At Lookout Point, Scythe communicates to the Guildmaster that he requires help, so he hires the protagonist. At the nearby Demon Door, it allows Hero passage through as reward for defeating Jack. Inside, several prophets are trapped and only the Hero can rescue them.

[edit] Walkthrough

This mission doesn't have a specific walkthrough because the puzzles can change every time. The fire heart is in the middle of the room, suspended high in the air. To free a prophet, all the tiles in each puzzle must be turned into suns. To kill a prophet, turn all the tiles into moons. The quest ends when all the prophets have been saved or killed.

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