The Vision

The Vision is a quest which can only be completed by downloading See the Future.

[edit] Walkthrough

To start the Quest, Hero must activate the Spire Model, which takes Hero to the Spire for one last time. Hero appears in a room in the Spire, the same one where Lucien was defeated. Theresa is there, telling Hero that the Spire also had a gift for her, seeing all possible futures. All the possible futures would converge and Theresa wanted to show Hero one example of that.
In the Vision, Hero is now wearing the Royal Suit, implying that he/she eventually becomes king/queen. A spotlight shines on King Hero, showing that he is surrounded by darkness. Stepping forward reveals 24 Guards, 12 on each side of the Hero.

"These are his soldiers, loyal subjects that would die for him. Many already have, in battlefields at home and in faraway lands they would following wherever he leads.""

Theresa voiceover.

Walking past the guards, Hero encounters several townsfolk speaking to each other. When walking past them, they start clapping at him. One says, "It's him, the world belongs to you, your majesty."

"These are his people, subjects who worship him, trust him to guide, protect and govern them"

Theresa Voiceover.

Walking past the crowd reveals a large royal seat.

"And this is his throne, Albion's Seat of Power, where he has made countless decisions, delivered justice and led a nation. Yet none of this is of the least importance."


The camera passes from the Royal seat into darkness. It then turns bright, to reveal Theresa beside a cot.

"This is the real future. His child, not yet born, but destined for greatness. A child on whom the fate of Albion will depend on one day, as will the fate of Aurora."


After the last sentence, the screen turns white and Hero and Theresa are back in the Spire and Theresa tells Hero to prepare for the future. She tells Hero not to worry because she is always watching.

Hero ends back at where he activates the model and recieves Royal Crown, Royal Robe, Royal Trousers and Royal Boots as well as The Visionary achievement.

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